Whether you are looking for a company to provide bulk healthcare and skincare products or for someone to make your product visions come true, Nature’s Choice offers premium manufacturing services that deliver the highest quality results.

At Nature’s Choice we provide a highly personalised manufacturing service to help your business realise its skincare and healthcare product goals. We take a tailored approach to ensure we are delivering the exact products you have in mind, at competitive prices and the highest possible quality every single time. We provide a full service, meaning we’ll do everything from producing and packaging your products to storing and distributing your products anywhere in the world.<

We offer Nature’s Choice manufacturing services to new businesses as well as existing businesses looking for a new partner, and provide contract manufacturing for bulk products or your own branded products, depending on what you are after. Our services include:

  • Contract Manufacturing (OEM) – we arrange customised contract manufacturing services, designed to suit your needs, whether you are after finished products made entirely from scratch or partially finished products. Our team of skin and healthcare experts is happy to work with your formulas or use our own generic formulas. We can assist with the development of your product, from develop to packaging.
  • GMP and Regulation Consulting – we know that ensuring compliance with Australian regulations can be a source of great stress for businesses within the skin and healthcare industry. We endeavour to make this process as stress-free and straightforward as possible through our development team.
  • Sourcing and Supply of Bulk Material – when you’ve been around for as long as Nature’ Choice, you know exactly where to find the best quality and most affordable bulk material. We have an invaluable network of contacts and can provide a large range of premium bulk products at excellent prices. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that checks all materials to ensure that you are only ever receiving products in top condition.
  • Sourcing and Supply of Packaging – at Nature’s Choice we have years’ of experience sourcing and supplying the highest quality and most cost effective packaging for both our own products and the products of our clients. This includes premium grade bottles, jars and tubes to house your skincare products as well as packing supplies for capsules, gel, tablet or powdered healthcare products. Our packaging and packing supplies are premium grade, safe and compliant with regulations.
  • Product Design and Production – we also have a very talented design team that can help with the design of your product packaging. We can help you create stunning packaging that will enhance your brand and demand attention. And, should you need us to, we can also arrange for the production of your labels and boxes through our network of reliable printers.
  • Research and Design – at Nature’s Choice we know that the world is constantly changing, and that new discoveries lead to better and more effective products. That’s why we have a dedicated research and design team that works tirelessly to find better ways of doing things, more powerful ingredients and even better formulas. This way, we are constantly bettering our products, processes and facilities and therefore the service we provide to all of our customers.


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