The Lanolin Collection

Lanolin is an invaluable beauty ingredient coveted for its healing and protective properties. It is the closest natural oil to the oil produced by our bodies, making it highly effective in nourishing and soothing the skin, and restoring the skin’s natural balance. It is beneficial for all skin types, providing soothing relief for even the driest skin. Lanolin works by penetrating deeply into the skin, absorbing quickly and easily to soothe and hydrate the skin almost instantly, while also providing a barrier to further protect the skin and prevent moisture from escaping.

We source our lanolin from quality Australian producers. Our lanolin is pure and chemical-free, ensuring premium quality products that deliver ongoing results. We add a number of other premium natural ingredients to further enhance and maximise the effect of our Lanolin Collection. These products, including placenta, collagen, grape seed oil and Vitamin E. They all work together to provide the most luxurious skincare products that will leave your skin looking and feeling brand new.

Perfect as part of your daily skincare regimen to keep your skin hydrated, vibrant and youthful, Nature’s Choice Lanolin Collection products are also ideal for those with certain skin conditions. Our products have been known to treat, heal and provide relief for extremely dry and cracked skin, including calloused heels and hands, as well as those with recurring conditions such as itchy skin.

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